He didn’t charge me for the call

I called Daryl few days ago about performing a maintenance on the water heater I had. Daryl showed up on time can called me before he came.

He informed me upon looking at the unit that he would caution against performing work on it due to the age of the unit (roughly 20 years old). I asked him what he would do if he were in my shoes he said he would just leave the unit be because he cannot say what will happen if we start working on it.

Then he took a look at the humidifier for the furnace and made sure it was working and showed me how to replace the filter.

He said he wanted to earn the business the right way so he didn’t charge me for the call.

I will be sure to contact Daryl and Sharpe advantage next time I need any work done to my furnace or water heater. Thanks Daryl!